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Ridge Road Middle School Social Studies

Mrs. Gilbert’s Class
Teacher Contact Information
Email: katelynr.collishaw@cms.k12.nc.us

Website: __http://misscollishawsocialstudies6.cmswiki.wikispaces.net/__

Wiki QR Code:
Gilbert QR Code.png
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Interactive Student Notebook

[ISN- 5 Subject Notebook]
  • This is a requirement of the class. Students need to bring it to class each day and home each night.
  • The ISN is divided into units for Social Studies. Each unit has a specific unit name and number. All of the work for that unit is glued behind the unit cover page..
  • It will have everything that you need to know for the MSL in it. It's a great study tool for social studies tests and quizzes!
  • You will have quarterly notebook checks that are 65% of your quarterly grade.
Agenda & Remind Updates
  • Each student is required to have agenda. This does not have to be a school agenda.
  • Agendas can be purchased on Fridays from the school store for $5.00.
  • Each night, please check your child’s agenda for homework, class, and assessment updates.
  • You will recieve text message updates for quizzes, projects, and tests if you sign up for the Remind account. Students are encouraged to join as well!
To receive updates, text: 608-216-2475 and put the message:@mrsgss6
  • These are both great tools for communication!
  • Please check our websites at least once per week. We recommend you check each teachers site on Mondays to ensure you know about all upcoming work of the week.

  • On the website you can find pacing calendars, class assignments, homework calendar, videos, presentations, and games to enrich their learning at home.
Grades & Powerschool
  • You have access to your child’s grades and attendance through Powerschool.

  • Both students and parents can have access to this. Access information needs to be requested at the Main Office.

  • We recommend you check Powerschool at least once a week to ensure you are aware of your child’s progress in each class and are not surprised when your receive progress reports or report cards.
Technology and BYOT
  • We use technology everyday! Students are not required to bring their own technology; however, it is strongly encouraged.

  • We DO NOT have a paper textbook that correlates with our curriculum. Therefore, we have access to discoveryeducation.com, which students have access to 24/7. This is our main source of research and information throughout the year.

  • Google classroom will also be used this year. In Google classroom, students will have assignments to complete. Once they are completed, they are shared with the teacher, who is then able to grade it and provide feedback

  • Assessments are sometimes completed through the use of technology. We use programs such as Socrative, Discovery Education, Google Classroom, and BrianPop. All students receive ample training on this prior to use. They also have a technology login cheat sheet in their ISN, which gives them log in information for all necessary sites.
[tests, quizzes and ,projects]
  • Social Studies uses a variety of assessments throughout the unit to assess student progress.

  • Each unit students will have a vocabulary quiz, unit quiz, unit group quiz, and unit test.

  • Unit tests are conducted on Tuesdays. This is to ensure that each content does not test on the same day. [If there is an exception due to a change in schedule by the school, you will be notified of the testing change via the classroom website, your child’s agenda, or Remind]

  • 84% Mastery/ Tutoring: If you child does not receive an 84% or higher on an UNIT TEST they will be tutored IN CLASS the following day and take a retest. The maximum score they can receive in PowerSchool is an 84% on their retest. This is a new CMS policy.
Technology Log-In Information
Student Gaggle Log-in Info -
This is their school issued email address and how they have access to Google Drive.

Username: first initial, last name, last four digits of student ID
Password: birthday (yy/mm/dd)

Discovery Education Log-in Info
Username: StudentID#_cms
Password: StudentID#

Room#: 8152013

Google Classroom Log-in Info
Block 1: ymbcs7
Block 2: sfnmlul
Block 3: tw0c0z
Block 4: hecww4