Geography Bee
November 28th and 29th (Optional Day)
General Info: We are asking that all Social Studies teacher participate in the 1st Annual Geography Bee and Ridge Road Middle School! This is a great event to ask parents to help you with and promote healthy competition in the classroom, along with global awareness. Our vision for the geography bee is that each teacher chooses from the following game options one that would work best for your classroom. We have rated the games from Easy- Hard. These games may be played individually or with groups of students. There is flexibility in what you choose that will work best for your classroom and students. For example, Ms. Dix and I are going to be using mini expo boards or their desks to have the students respond to the game questions using expo markers. Some of the games will tally the points for your, others you will have to keep score yourself. The 6th Grade Social Studies Department has decided that on the second day of the geography bee we would have classes compete against each other. This would mean that you could team up with another teacher in your grade level and host the geography bee. Only the four highest scoring groups from Day 1 will continue to the second round. Meanwhile, the other students can use this time to complete enforcement activities. We have provided those for you as well on Tuesday 11/22. Again, this event is meant to be molded to what works for your classroom, team, and students. We are only asking you find a way to implement it on November 28th. This will also serve as a good review before the summative testing next week.

Some games are attached in Jeopardy Style in PPT form, others are links. PPT are attached and the links are below.
Jeopardy PowerPoint Options
Game Option Links:
Medium: ****
Hard: ****
Optional Directions Day 1:
1. Divide your students into teams of four (using data, or students choice)
2. Choose any of the following games to play (I plan to start with Easy and go to Hard for three rounds of the Geography Bee in each class)
3. Calculate the total points for each team during each game
4. Provide the winning team with an incentive (Top four teams move to Day
Optional Directions Day 2:
1. Have the top four teams compete with another teacher’s top four (You can decide who is hosting the Geography Bee and who is hosting enforcement material)
2. Continue the competition using different games then you choose the day before
3. Calculate the total points for each team during each game
4. Announce the Top Team- Ms. Wright will probably want to get a picture of them for the “What’s everyone Raven About” page. We would also like to have them go on the morning announcements and receive a certificate.

If you are planning to participate in the second day, please email Ms. Collishaw or Ms. Dix by Tuesday (11/22). We are here to help answer any questions or listen to suggestions. If you need to discuss ways to make this work in your classroom we are happy to provide you some ideas as well. I will be adding all of this information to my Wiki Site for easier access!
Thank you! J