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The Process
As we grow as a school, Ridge Road Middle School is looking for the most efficient manner in which to distribute lockers for the 2014-2015 school year.

To that end, the locker distribution process will proceed as follows:

Beginning September 1, lockers will be available for rental through their homeroom class (1st Block). The fee for a locker rental is $7 (Please pay online to better facilitate this process) Think link is located on the school website.

To rent a locker, students must bring a completed permission form and money, unless paid online, (the form is available on the school website). I will get an emailed receipt when you pay. Only completed permission forms will be accepted (not handwritten notes or phone calls) Locker rentals are on a “first come, first serve” basis All unclaimed lockers will be reserved for new students (students enrolling after the distribution period) We cannot guarantee a top or bottom locker (we apologize for any inconvenience)

As a Reminder
A more detailed explanation of the locker policy for Ridge Road Middle School is available on page 17 of the Student-Parent Handbook 2014-2015 (also available on the school website).
For now, here are some helpful reminders for our students:

Always check to make sure that the lock is locked before leaving the locker
Do not share lockers (Students are responsible for the contents in the locker assigned to them)
Do not remove locks from lockers (there really is no need to and it prevents lost locks)
Do not share locker combinations (friends tell friends and other friends) Replacing a lock will cost $7 Combination:

Start with first number going Right
Second number go Left Pass second number once, stop at second turn
Third number go Right