Throughout the school year, we have been working extremely hard to prepare for the final MSL in Social Studies. For many students, this is the first year they have been tested in this subject. In an effort to begin preparing for the final test, we have started going through practice test questions, working on test taking skills, and reviewing the information we learned using student tutors. Review sessions will consist of student tutors who scored extremely high on that particular objective. Each student will have the opportunity to teach a tutoring session to their classmates. Students conducting the review sessions are allowed to teach their group any way they choose; however, they are all given the same information to review. Please support the classroom by reviewing with your child at home using the tools they have been provided. Together we will achieve greatness!

OUR MSL IS JUNE 3, 2014!!

Discovery Education Mock MSL DUE MAY 22ND!
[Students will find this in their assignment folder in Discovery Education]
Historical Journey Final Project: Due May 27th:
Study Island Extra Credit Assignment

Review Study Guides:
Government and Economy: Units 6-7:
Unit 8:
Units 9: Units 10:

Units 3/4 Overview:
Units 5/6 Overview:
Units 7/8 Overview:
Units 9/10 Overview:

How badly do you want it?

Unit 1 and 2 Crash Course

Unit 3 and 4 Crash Course

Unit 5 and 6 Crash Course

Unit 7 and 8 Crash Course

Unit 9 and 10 Crash Course

Unit 11 and 12 Crash Course

Unit 13 and 14 Crash Course