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Welcome to Unit 13 Ancient Rome!In this unit, students will learn about the rise and fall of Ancient Rome and the beginning of the Roman Empire. We will analyze the causes that contributed to a successful Roman Republic and how it compares to our culture today. Further, students will evaluate the impact of leaders on a society.

Unit 13 Vocab Foldable Part 1:
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Visual Vocab:

Ancient Rome Geography
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Geography of Rome PPT:
Geography of Rome Group Project:
Ancient Rome Map:

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Discovery Education Early Political Systems of Rome Group Research Graphic Organizer:
Ancient Rome Republic Guided Notes:
Ancient Rome Republic PowerPoint:

Intro Reading:
Rome at its Height:
Caesar Intro Activity:

Roman Genius and Technology
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Genius Reading Guide:
Genius Questions:
Technology Activity:

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Empire of Rome Reading:
Roman Diary:
Timeline of Ancient Rome:

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Ancient Rome Research Project [In class]:

Rome Movie Questions:

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Overview of Gladiators:
Interview of Gladiator:
History of Gladiators:

Fall of Ancient Rome
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Reading Guide:
Questions: Causes of the Fall of Rome:

Unit 14 Study Guide: