In Unit 15, students will be studying the physical geography and history of the Early Americas and its people. Students will take part in various activities to discover how people have adapted to the challenging geographic and climatic conditions. Adapting to these different elements has allowed the people in these regions to develop great civilizations!! This unit will also allow students to evaluate the importance of leaders who have impacted the Latin American culture. Students will also be able to study various leaders and their impact on the Olmec, Mayan, Aztec, and Inca.

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Gallery Crawl- Student Research Projects
In Unit 12, students will dive into the physical geography of Latin America: (Mexico, Caribbean, and Central America) and South America. Students will take an active role in their learning by working with a group to research information about a one of the locations from these sections. After students have collected information they will transfer information to a poster using the app PicCollage. Students will participate in a gallery crawl to present their research to their classmates. This crawl will allow students to collect information for the other locations different from their own region of Latin America. This gallery crawl will be a great opportunity for students to take the leadership role in their learning.

**Use this resource for collecting information and gallery crawl.

Ancient Civilizations Geography:

Ancient Civilizations: Students will be exploring a day in the life of a member of one of the four ancient Mesoamerican civilizations we are learning about through various hands-on activities. Some students will be creating pyramids; others will be using playdoh to create Olmec head sculptures. Some students studying the Incas will be writing poems from the perspective of a criminal, and much more. This section is usually exciting for students, so please encourage them to share what they are learning with you at home!

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Latin America and South America Map

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Ancient Civilization Map

Modern Latin America

Section 1 & 2 Vocab Terms Wordle
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