Unit 2: Map Skills
In this unit students will learn a variety of map skills. We will focus primarily on longitude and latitude. Please review the PowerPoint Presentation as well as the extra practice suggestions.

Your child will begin by taking basic notes to introduce the unit. This unit will extend to create a "How To" Guide to calculating Latitude and Longitude. Be on the look out for extra practice assigned for homework.

As always, any extra practice will only help your child further master the concept.

Thank you for your support!

Map Skills Intro:
Unit 2 Map Skills Foldable:
Unit 2 Visual Vocab:
Unit 2 Vocab Foldable:

Learn the Song to Help You Remember:
Longtitude-Latitude Song

Interactive Video Explanation of Unit 2:
Map Skills

Jetsetter Activity:

Word Splash:

Just like in math class!
external image ltlo.jpg
Interactive Practice for Students:
Longitude/Latitude Practice

Interactive Practice for Long/Lat

Game Review

Interactive Quiz Review

Review Jeopardy Game: Click Here!

Find Your Latitude Location Game: Find Your Location
Extra Tutoring Practice:

Be a Jet Setter: