In Unit 4 our class will be studying Human Geography. We are focusing on the four major components that help students recognize the affect of natural resources on a country's population distribution and economy. The four sections we will be covering are:

1. The Geography of Population2. Why People Move3. Resources and Economics4. Why we need government


We have some amazing activities planned to make this unit engaging. Students will learn how to calculate population density of areas around the world, debate their preference of urban vs. rural, create a domino sequence of their migration, create their own style of government and rules, change laws that already exist, and create their own solution to solving economic troubles our country is facing. Please be on the look out for some helpful foldables and graphic organizers to help break down the material in this section. We will be having two quizes on 10/13 and 10/16 rather than a Unit 4 test to help students divide the material and master the concepts.

Resources for Unit 4:

Population Meter

Visual Vocabulary PPT:
Unit Google Presentation: Click Here!
Unit 4 Vocab Foldable:

Population PowerPoint:

Population Activity:

Population Target:
Population Guided Notes:
Population Reading:

Population Activity: Click Here

external image us-population-map.gif

Migration PowerPoint:
Migration Activities:
Letter Home Research Project:
Voluntary vs. Forced Migration:
Migration Throughout History:
Moving Day Activity:

Ipad Activity!!! Check out how we use the Ipads in our classroom! We made headlines on the School Website "What is Everyone Raven' About"

Push/Pull Foldable: Push/Pull Poster: Ipad Push/Pull Project:

external image pushpull.jpg

Government/Economies PowerPoint:
external image governments.jpg

Government Activities: Government Practice Quiz: Practice Quiz
Government Review Game: Click Here
Types of Government:Click Here to Play
Economy Game: Trading Around The World Game
Laws of Supply and Demand: Click Here
Comparing Economic Systems: Click Here
Economy Activity: