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Lets CELEBRATE CULTURE!In Unit 6 we will discussing the different elements that make up culture! This unit is filled with amazing activities to help students learn from difference and bond with their classmates. We are kicking off the unit by analyzing types of traditions we celebrate that make up our culture for Fall. Students will be comparing their culture to other students around the world and recognizing their contribution to the melting pot. In this unit, we will also be working with different types of music and foods that make up the different cultures our classroom represents. There is a project with this Unit. You will have two working days in class. You will be receiving the instructions on 10/17. The project is due for presentations on 10/27. Please use the tabs below to follow the activities in class and encourage your child to keep an open mind during this unit. With this support the opportunities are limitless.


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What is Culture?

Day in the Life Research iPad Activity:
Cultural Diffusion:
Unit 5 Vocab:

Culture Powerpoints:

American Culture:
Culture Project Info DUE OCTOBER 11TH!:
Culture Project Brainstorm Ideas:
Miss Collishaw's Culture Project:

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