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Welcome to Unit 8- Ancient Egypt!In this unit, students will begin by learning the significance of the geography, which played a vital role in the success of Ancient Egypt. Then, we will take a look at the culture of Ancient Egypt by analyzing the social class system, government, key leaders, and argricultural techniques. There are many exciting activities planned in the unit, such as: creating tombs, jewelry, and pyramids. Students will use the iPads to research Daily Life in Ancient Egypt and create a "Living Museum" to model the aspect of life their group is assigned. We will be created Social Class pyramids and comparing this to our society, and much more!

Ancient Egypt Nile Activity:
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Intro to Ancient Egypt:
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Geography Info:
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Daily Life Activity:
Ancient Egpyt Centers:
Hieroglyhics "Thank You" Card:
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Social Structure Activity:
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Leader Research Activity:
Ancient Mummies Reading:

Egyptian Religion:
Unit 8 Study Guide:
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